Custom Life Form Development

Fermentöme’s technology platform enables the identification, extraction, and culture of previously unculturable microbial populations from virtually any biological or environmental sample. We are the only company in the world solely focused on the culture of unculturable microorganisms.

➢ Fermentöme cultures previously uncultulturable microorganisms from their native microbiomes. These microorganisms are often referred to as VBNCs (viable, but not culturable)

➢ Fermentöme can deliver specific strains, teased out of complex populations, or nearly complete discrete cultures from complex microbial populations.

➢ Fermentöme delivers cultures, culturing systems (lab and production scale through strategic alliances with well established industry providers), and a wide range of biomolecules derived from customer-selected microbial populations.

➢ We can deliver genotypic strain ID, whole genome sequencing, transcriptional and protein pathway analysis, and other traditional microbial analytics

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