Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetics

Fermentöme’s technology platform enables the identification, extraction, and culture of previously unculturable microbial populations from human or veterinary samples.

➢ Culture of VBNC (viable but not culturable) microbes from any biological sample

➢ Enables the development of diagnostics and therapeutics that target non-log phase (VBNC), latent, dormant, or recurrent bacterial pathogens

➢ VBNC pathogen profiling in cases of nosocomial, post-surgical, recurrent septicemia. Identification of VBNC strains, scaling it up to growth in-vitro and assessing their drug susceptibility

➢ Mining for microbial natural products with antibiotic and antifungal properties

➢ Isolation of VBNCs with novel metabolic pathways

➢ Isolation, cataloguing, and sales of VBNC strains for targeted drug development